Kete tuauri

Understanding And Using The Cards

There are 78 cards in Te Kete O Te Ao Marama. They are divided into 2 sets; Fundamentals and Deeper Learnings. The Fundamentals set contains 25 cards, divided into 2 subsets, the Kaitiaki and Nga Tupuna (the Ancestors). The Deeper Learnings set contains the remaining 53 cards. Use the Fundamentals set alone or combine with the Deeper Learnings set for a more nuanced learning.

There is no right way, only the way which is right for you.

Tuning the cards.

If you have purchased a set of the Kete Marama at a festival, a reading or online, or been gifted one, then it will have been blessed with a whakamoemiti (prayer) especially for you. It is rather like buying a new pair of shoes. In the shop they will fit anyone. After you have bought and used them for a couple of weeks, they will have moulded themselves to you. The Kete Marama are the same; the whakamoemiti tunes them to you and your energy alone. In this they are different from other cards; they are only for you.

If you have bought them in a shop, then it is suggested you use the following process to bring them into your energy field.

When you first open the cards, it is necessary to tune them to your own unique vibration. Find a quiet place of peace, which could be a forest, a park or the edge of a stream, and sit quietly. Hold them in your hands, with your left hand underneath and your right hand on top. Do this for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Focus your mind on the cards and ask them for guidance.

If you can, place them in a pocket in your clothing, somewhere close to your heart. Thinking about them from time to time will also help them attune to your individual energy. Do this wherever you can and for as long as feels intuitively appropriate.

How to use the cards

When you begin to use them, it is very beneficial to find a place in your home which is quiet, peaceful and restful. While you can use them at any time of the day, first thing in the morning, as night becomes day, when everything is at rest, will be most helpful. You may wish to put on some peaceful music in the background. Lighting a special candle and burning incense will also help attune you to the moment and what the cards have to offer.

The cards are two-sided, with an image of one of the Kete Marama on one side, and some understandings about it and an affirmation on the other. Place the cards so the image is facing up and the text is concealed. We strongly recommend that you keep a journal close by, along with a favourite pen.

Select a cards or cards. You can shuffle them and/or cut them, whichever feels appropriate. Then arrange them in a way which feels right. The Cross layout of 5 cards is a suggestion.

Now return your attention to the card or cards. Sit with it/them and allow your eyes to roam around it, following the lines and surfaces. As you do, ask for Divine guidance. Be aware of what surfaces for you, what comes into your mind. It may be a childhood memory, it may be a friend or workmate, and it may even be an issue or problem in your life. Allow yourself to gently observe it without passing judgement.

When you are ready, turn the card over and read the affirmation. You may want to say this to yourself several times during the day if it resonates with you. Spend time considering the ways in which the lesson offered you by this Kete Marama is manifesting in your life.

You may want to write down your experience. Journaling is very worthwhile, as it helps us to make our thoughts concrete. Because your thoughts are constantly changing, writing them down helps to “freeze” them, so you can reflect upon them at a later time.

And, finally, realise that you are not alone.

Every moment of every day, whether awake or asleep, the Divine is guiding you.